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About AGON
Frank Dietz – Strategy and the business model
Our approach differs from the traditional consulting business model in that it is focused on quality and the client rather than growth,
Approaching growth as the result of excellent client work, rather than the focal point of the business model makes it possible to work exclusively with highly experienced team members, that combine the best in consulting and operational experience available

These team members, often engineers or scientists, are essential to the way in which we work:
close-knit teams in close cooperation with client employees
the ability to guarantee analytical precision and depth when necessary without losing track of the strategic outlook
determined, results-oriented and fast-working, yet always ready to take the time for a second look at critical issues
also able to solve problems in technically demanding environments
able to guarantee 100% loyalty, discretion and exclusivity
once our role is over, leaving a workforce behind, that is motivated to continue optimizing results
able to develop and implement solutions quickly and confidently that are both operational and strategically sound
willing to take personal responsibility for the implementation of jointly developed solutions
A client-focused business model also means occasionally steering a client away from a project they think they need, in order to focus on projects, which we know will have a much larger impact.
Frank Dietz
So exactly who are we? We are not strategic consultants in the conventional sense. We are not the typical interim managers usually found through headhunters, nor purely functional specialists. We provide an alternative to the conventional, bridging the gap between strategy consultants, interim managers, functional specialists and/or industry experts.