AGON Group
Does this sounds appealing to you?
Because we are not growth-focused and do not have recruiting goals, we are able to concentrate on quality of the work environment for our employees. Though we do not work actively towards growth, our work and resulting recommendations provide us with opportunities for our team to increase in size. In light of the above, we are always pleased to welcome new colleagues that suit us, our business and our clients, and with whom we enjoy working.

So who would make a suitable applicant? Our team members learned their consultancy skills from renowned strategic consultants and have extensive experience in numerous industries and for various projects. Additional industry or entrepreneurial experience is also very welcome. Consultants with engineering and scientific backgrounds are obviously very welcome in our team, but we are also open to other backgrounds.

There is one characteristic that binds us all together and that all of our team members value in their colleagues: the highest quality standards for our work and its results.

Those who value status and a formal career path need not apply.
However, we offer a practical, livable "work-life balance" and an exceptionally positive and friendly atmosphere where learning is guaranteed.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact Jessica Matthies at