AGON Group
No sooner thought than done.
Frank Dietz: Thought and done.
Our Promise
"Gedacht. Getan." is a promise. A promise to our clients guaranteeing that our jointly developed solutions are operationally effective and strategically sound.

"Gedacht. Getan." also means that we do not hesitate to take complete responsibility for the implementation of our business plans and measures – even in critical situations, for example during the restructuring process. We take on whichever role will have the most impact in the given context: whether consultant, implementer, manager, project lead or board member.

Finally, "Gedacht. Getan." means that the successful continuation of a project is never left to chance once our time with the client has ended. We make it a point to address soft success factors and support the necessary alterations in employee performance. This results in employees who are able and willing to further continue project development after the initial collaboration has ended.

An approach such as this would be impossible with graduates direct from the university or "young professionals". That is why AGON Group engages only highly qualified and experienced team members with suitable academic and professional backgrounds.

All AGON team members have received first class training at top consultant firms and possess proven experience as line and project managers, company founders, and/or members of executive, supervisory and advisory boards.

AGON GROUP in brand eins Thema Consulting
"Die neuen Tools und Technologien: Mensch! Mensch! Mensch"
We are the specialists in business model and operational performance optimization for technology-oriented companies. We adapt our role to the specific needs of the company: in addition to the role of consultant we also act as implementer, manager, project leader or board member.
The main focus of our client projects could be called "Operational Excellence". This includes optimization of the entire value chain (purchasing/SCM, development, production and sales) yet without losing sight of “big picture" factors such as strategy and organization. We attach particular importance to soft success factors such as quality awareness, motivation and support of change processes.

A second cornerstone is the restructuring of companies, company divisions or complex programs/projects.

Many of our clients are mid-sized firms and often owner-managed. Private equity funds and family offices make up a second significant client segment. All of our team members have extensive experience in the corporate environment. In cases of restructuring we work on behalf of trustees or liquidators, in close cooperation with the creditor bank and local management.